Hello and welcome to the world of Dirty Weekender Van Conversions. Here is a little insight into what we do, how we do it. We are a VW conversion specialist based in Worcester, primarily working on T5s and now the T6 and we like to do things a little differently. We understand a a list of A, B or C conversion options doesnt suit everyone and we know that you guys are often looking for somthing a bit different, something that suits you personally and can fulfil a dream as well as something that has your specific needs and tastes at its core. Full or part conversion, we love to get to grips with how its all going to work for you and to make sure you know what all your options are, we are also one of the few Reimo dealerships in the UK, meaning all our conversions and components are of the highest quality and just as importantly; safe, enabling us to achieve a highly professional finish along with peace of mind. We have a huge showroom on site with all the conversion components and reimo accessories as well as an in showroom shop for all your camping and adventures essentials. we are always happy to see new faces, if you are interested in what we do and would like to pop in for a cup of tea and a chat our door are always open. We hope you enjoy our website, The DW Team